About Our Herbal Bath Tea

Who We Are

Founded in New Orleans, BathTease® is the brainchild of Alica Keggereis, a married, stay-at-home mother of four. After pursuing a passion for expanding her cooking skills, Alica was inspired by the organic aromatics used heavily in ethnic cooking to develop her own line of herbal bath teas and essential oils. Spending untold hours & months researching essential oils and their beneficial attributes, Alica worked tirelessly to find reputable sources of high-quality teas, organic compounds, flowers, salts and oils that she combined to create the BathTease line of natural bath products.

Our Natural Bath Products

Our herbal bath teas provide relaxation, rejuvenation and other aromatherapeutic benefits in a single, easy-to-use pouch. Each of our natural bath products is manufactured with the care and knowledge that we believe our valued customers expect and deserve. You’ll never have to measure out scented bath salts or mess with flimsy balls of mesh when you use our herbal bath teas. Bath Tease natural bath products make it easy to enjoy your perfect bath, each and every time you look to indulge in one.

Using only the highest-quality ingredients, our bath products are made in the USA, which we have no intention of changing. With a focus on providing excellence in manufacturing, our family-owned and operated business always considers unbeatable customer satisfaction and care as our highest priorities as well as our guiding principle.

Discover the rejuvenating qualities of green, oolong and black teas with our full line of bath teas and essential oils. From our family to yours, welcome to BathTease.



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